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Pharmaceutical Opportunities

Tech–9104: Effective, All Natural, OTC Ointment for Osteoarthritis – Licensing, Partnering, Acquisition Opportunity

Licensing, Strategic Partnership, Acquisition Opportunity for this patented natural product that has successfully passed Phase II and Phase III trials and is ready to be marketed in the USA.

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Tech-9094c: Licensing Opportunity: RNA Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment

This technology, offered for licensing, provides a novel and potentially non-toxic approach to treat a wide range of cancers using RNA Inhibitors.

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Tech-2518: Granulocyte Therapy for Cancer Cure

Granulocyte Therapy for Cancer Cure is available of licensing / collaboration. 100% successful in mice

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Tech-9094b: Versatile PEG Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

These biocompatible, non-toxic nanospheres are 20-80 nm in size and due to their hydrophilc-hydrophobic nature, are ideally suited for encapsulating drugs.

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Tech-9094a: Licensing Opportunity: Endotoxin-binding Compounds for Sepsis (Orphan Drug Approval Pending)

The company is likely to get an Orphan Drug Approval in Jan, 2020 for these unique molecules that provide effective treatment for sepsis (for which currently there is no treatment. A unique opportunity...

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