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Pharmaceutical Opportunities

Tech–2573: GMP-FDA Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Mountain West

GMP-certified, and FDA-registered manufacturer can handle large and small batch production of Nutraceutical and CBD softgels, gummies and tinctures. Revenue about $1M, Assets, worth $1M, Price: $2.95M

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Tech-9094c: Licensing Opportunity: RNA Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment

This technology, offered for licensing, provides a novel and potentially non-toxic approach to treat a wide range of cancers using RNA Inhibitors.

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Tech-9094b: Versatile PEG Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery

These biocompatible, non-toxic nanospheres are 20-80 nm in size and due to their hydrophilc-hydrophobic nature, are ideally suited for encapsulating drugs.

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Tech-9094a: Antibiotic Drug Candidate for Licensing

This peptide-based drug candidate has a broad range of antimicrobial activity and specific capabilities to fight Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Safe with low toxicity. Can envision this to be an effective anti-sepsis drug.

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