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Tech-9101: Patented Single Prong Cannula for COPD Patients

Licensing or Acquisition Opportunity for this patented cannula that is more comfortable, does not interfere with taking food or liquids for COPD patients

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Tech-9094e: Patented Molecular Diagnostic Device for Rapid Detection of Viruses and Bacteria

This Diagnostic Device Platform uses patented molecular diagnostics that can detect and identify bacteria and viruses in minutes instead of days. Looking to license and partner.

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Tech-9093: Saliva-based Testing Devices Manufacturer

This is a leading company in the emerging field of non-invasive saliva based testing and has many patents. Looking for a strategic buyer / partner. Revenue: ~$1 M

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Tech-2511: Patented, Effective, FDA-approved Dry Mouth Treatment Device

Very innovative, non-invasive, effective, and cost-effective solution to treat dry mouth (xerostomia) is patently and now US-FDA approved and has a CE-mark. Looking for a strategic partner / buyer.

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Tech-9092: Biomarker-based Unique Test for Cervical Cancer

Improved, biomarker-based test for cervical cancer with improved performance for low-resource areas.

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