Tech-9094c: Licensing Opportunity: RNA Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment

Tech-9094b: Technology Licensing Opportunity

t-RNA & Ribosomal RNA Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment

A Novel and Potentially Non-Toxic Approach to a Wide Range of Cancers

Our Client has developed compounds that disrupts protein production by inhibiting binding of t-RNA with Ribosomes. t-RNAs or Transfer RNAs bring peptides, the building block of the proteins to Ribosomes, the protein factory and our Client’s compound interferes with the supply of peptides by binding to t-RNA thereby preventing it from docking to Ribosome. This will create a deficit of proteins in the target cell, leading to the death of the target cell.

For administering treatment, the Compound is delivered in a protein capsule with hooks that selectively bind to specific cell surface receptors which are present on malignant cells, thereby selectively attacking only the malignant cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Promising Pre-Clinical Results – IND Expected Soon

Recently completed pre-clinical studies showed that the compounds caused no adverse effects in animal studies and even reduced tumor size. An IND is expected in about four months.

Anticipated Benefits

The Compound is designed to provide an alternative to current therapeutic intervention in cancer. The Company envisions several possible benefits:

  • Utilization of intrinsic biological systems should minimize unpleasant side effects of treatment.
  • Minimal expected toxicity as it is a small molecule biologic.
  • Elimination from the body via natural excretory process
  • Non-infectious – the Compound is not self-replicating.
  • Company Expects minimal immune response.
  • The Compound is flexible. Company has chosen Acute Myeloid Leukemia as its investigational model. Adaptation to other malignancies may be achieved by modification of the Protein Transport Capsule targeting mechanism.

More details will be made available to qualified parties upon signing of an NDA.

Our client Company has developed novel small peptides (11 or 12 amino acids long) created by rational design aimed at neutralizing the injurious effects of endotoxins by directly binding to them and stopping the cascade of events leading to septic shock and death. The Client is planning to conduct phase I trials shortly and is looking for licensing this opportunity.

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