Tech-9101: Patented Single Prong Cannula for COPD Patients

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Patented Single Prong Cannula for COPD Patients

Maximum Oxygen Absorption, Freedom of Movement, and Ease of Eating

This innovative single prong single-sided nasal cannula was jointly invented in 2012 by a family physician, who was a prolific inventor, and a Registered Respiratory Therapist with a background in industrial design. The invention came about when the Respiratory Therapist described one of his patient’s discomfort using supplemental oxygen therapy. They both decided that a single prong cannula would address the shortcomings of the current dual prong nasal cannula. The resulting invention was a low flow single prong single-sided nasal cannula providing the oxygen dependent patient with optimal oxygen absorption, an enhanced user appearance, and improved freedom of movement. The single prong single-sided nasal cannula may also help improve patient compliance.


The benefits of the single prong single-sided nasal cannula can be summarized as follows:

  • Innovative: This cannula provides the first substantive improvement in low flow oxygen nasal cannula design in over 60 years. It is covered by two recent US patents
  • Used in Either Nostrils: It is interchangeable to either nostril. Should a patient require a feeding tube or a nasogastric suction tube, the unoccluded nostril can be used for oxygen delivery via this cannula. This feature would reduce the potential for nasal pressure sores.
  • Less Irritation, Cosmetically Better: It is lighter, has less skin contact, and hence less pressure irritation to the patient’s ears, nose, and throat. Moreover, it is adjustable and cosmetically appealing.
  • Patented Innovative Design: The patented nasal insert is made of medical grade hypoallergenic compounds. The oxygen tubing has a memory stabilization system which is unique to this cannula and designed to conform to the patient’s facial contours.
  • Good Performance: Provides efficient oxygen delivery up to 6 LPM of supplemental oxygen. Patients have reported reduced oxygen waste while using this product. Efficient oxygen delivery potentially reduces frequent oxygen tank refills and may increase the battery life of pulse dose oxygen concentrators.
  • Better Comfort: Does not interfere with eating or drinking and can promote more restful sleep. Patients report that they are able to smell the aroma of foods and fragrances of flowers with this cannula. Patients have also reported experiencing sounder sleep and do not have the tube indentations on their face when they wake up. Unlike dual-pronged cannula which sometimes pulls on the neck like a tightening noose, patients have reported having a reduced feeling of confinement using this product as there is no tubing under the chin.
  • Two Popular Sizes: Available in two lengths- 4 foot and 7 foot. The 4 feet length is especially suitable for use with portable oxygen concentrators.
  • Assigned HCPCS Code: It has a HCPCS code assigned for payment by insurance payors.


This low flow oxygen nasal cannula is designed for patients with:

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Cardiac issues
  • Any other illness which requires supplemental low flow oxygen therapy

This cannula has been used by oxygen dependent patients at home, at outpatient clinics, in extended care facilities, during transports, and, of course, by patients admitted to hospitals.

Based on a 121 patient marketing study, 98% of low flow oxygen dependent patients preferred this single prong single-sided nasal cannula over the traditional dual prong cannula.  Further, 98% of the patients surveyed indicated an interest in changing to this cannula from the dual prong cannula.


Currently these are manufactured and sold in very low volumes and hence the cost per unit is much higher. It currently retails for $10 each for 7 feet unit (however it lasts much longer as well). When manufactured in bulk, the cost will come down significantly.


The Company is open to either to license the distribution rights, or production and distribution rights or the sale of the Company including its products rights and intellectual property.

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