Tech–9104: Effective, All Natural, OTC Ointment for Osteoarthritis – Licensing, Partnering, Acquisition Opportunity

Tech–9104 – Licensing / Strategic Partnering / Acquisition Opportunity

Effective, All Natural, OTC Ointment for Osteoarthritis

Novel Botanical- No Side Effects – Clinically Proven – Ready to Market in the USA

Our client is a biotechnology company with an all new, patented botanical topical for pain, stiffness and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and other joint conditions. The product, under development for over 10 years, has successfully gone through phase II and phase III clinical studies in the USA and Australia respectively in addition to two other trials in prestigious institutions in the US and abroad. The results of the clinical trials have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

The trials clearly show that patients have:

• A statistically significant reduction in pain and inflammation
• A statistically significant increase in mobility and muscle strength
• A clinically significant reduction of 400 mg per day usage of paracetamol
• Long-lasting results
• An overall improved quality of life
• No toxic or harmful side effects

Unique and Patented Formulation

Our client’s product has a unique and patented formulation that synergistically combines two well-known botanical ingredients in a standardized formulation, both of which have demonstrated safety with healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The product has already been granted patents in key markets worldwide including the USA and eight other countries and pending in a few more.

Key Advantages

This product has given the majority of users a new lease on life, because nothing else they had tried so far has been effective. It provides a completely natural solution and is a rare asset in the currently available OTC topical analgesics selections. Key features that differentiates our Client’s product from other “me-too” products include:

• Robust Research – A significantly superior & well differentiated, consumer healthcare product developed with the scientific rigor of an ethical drug offering consumers the combined benefits of nature and scientific evidence
• Patent Protected – US and International Patent protected formulation with broad claims based on a unique combination of standardized herbal ingredients
• Successful Clinical Trials – Phase II & III clinical studies. Robust, published double blind placebo-controlled trials & compelling testimonials
• Compelling Case Studies – Demonstrates long-lasting results in knees, other joints including hands, back, neck and feet
• Easy to Use, Rapidly Absorbed – A natural earthy colored, easy to use, silky cream, rapidly absorbed, suitable for all skin types
• High Margin, No Generic Competition – A high margin product with no generic competition
• Nature Inspired – Paraben-free formulation using high quality ingredients offering rapid reduction in pain – comparable to pharmaceuticals
• Testing of The Finished Formulation – Finished formulations tested (and not just the API’s) offering reliable results with consistent potency, safety and efficacy
• Demonstrably Superior Safety Profile – No adverse side effects, can also be used as an adjunct with many common OTC oral analgesics

Ready for the US Market

The product is currently ready to be sold in the USA as an over the counter (OTC) analgesic cream and will soon be available for marketing in other key International markets as well.

Huge Market – Waiting for a Product that Really Works

The US OTC External Analgesics Market (excludes oral drugs) is estimated at about US$1B annually, and at about 17% growth per year, it is the fastest growing segment of the OTC analgesics market. The overall market for OTC Analgesics is about $5.5 B that includes oral drugs and then there is a wider OTC and Prescription Analgesics market that exceeds $25B worldwide.

The Company management strongly believes that with the right partner with good marketing support and reach, its product not only has the potential of becoming one of the top 10 topical OTC analgesics in the US, but can also eat into the oral and prescription analgesics market as demonstrated in the clinical trial, with a meaningful reduction in the daily intake of paracetamol /acetaminophen.

It is estimated that one out of every two adults of the US’s graying population will be affected by arthritic pain and so this market will continue to grow. This product can fulfill the desperate need to find a simple, affordable medication that is effective, safe, and long-lasting.

Looking for The Right Partner / Buyer

The founder and backers of this company are dedicated entrepreneurs who were inspired by the goal to alleviate pain and suffering for people suffering with Arthritis and have taken a well-defined, albeit long, scientific, and evidence-based road to come up with the best product. It has taken them about 10+ years and a significant amount of money and sweat equity to finally have a finished product that can be launched in the largest market – the US, right away and in other markets soon. The company has been funded to date by about 100 angel investors who believe in the product, many having personally experienced life changing results as per the numerous case studies. The company has also been well supported by their local government being the recipient of several State and Federal Grants.

We are inviting inquiries from companies that are interested in licensing and marketing, strategic partnership or even acquisition of the Company. All global regions are currently open. Currently the product is manufactured via contract manufacturing in the US, but the Company is open to having it manufactured out of country or at the licensee’s/acquirer’s facility.

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