Tech-9094e: Patented Molecular Diagnostic Device for Rapid Detection of Viruses and Bacteria

Tech-9094e: Technology Licensing Opportunity

Patented Molecular Diagnostic Technology For Rapid Diagnostics

Broad Applications of Detecting Bacterial or Viral Infections in Human and Veterinary Areas

Our Client has developed a proprietary diagnostic technology utilizing molecular diagnostics based on the detection of nucleic acid sequences.  The system consists of a stand-alone instrument that will enable laboratory personnel to identify bacterial or viral sources of human or veterinary infections to the family, genus, and species level in less than one hour (and often in minutes)  – well under the usual forty-eight hours needed in the current standard of care.  The system has an innovative design, which will impact all facets of microorganism identification.  It will dramatically shorten the time to diagnosis, thereby minimizing patient morbidity and mortality AND allowing significant cost savings.

The company has developed a prototype of the system ready for evaluation and has tested it for couple of bovine diseases – these are Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) and Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV).


Currently PCR offers a speedier results and cell culture for some of the tests. But PCR-based tests still take 3-5 hours and need skilled operators and needs extensive sample preparation. In contrast the Company’s technology involves no sample preparation and takes just 2-5 minutes.

Current Methods Used

  1. External sample prep- very user cumbersome. High Technical Skill needed
  2. Bulky device – Benchtop only
  3. qRT-PCR based system- needs target amplification
  4. DNA-with antibody-based detection for diagnosis – (highly variable with issues in antibody production)
  5. Time to results- 3-4 hrs
  6. Results need to be read by advanced clinician
  7. Device needs to be cleaned with each run and the final sample needs disposal into a biohazard bag.

Company’s Method

  1. Faster Speed to Diagnosis (2-5 minutes)
  2. Single Molecule Capture Design
  3. No external Sample Prep needed
  4. Cartridge design for multiple tests
  5. RFID technology for end-user easiness and convenience
  6. Smart phone app for immediate analysis of readout from cartridge- Rugged System-can be used by bedside with patient or by veterinarian by the animal on site.
  7. Cartridge is single use and can be disposed of in trash.


The Company is looking to License these products so that the licensee with the help of the Company (or in partnership) can develop the next generation instrument and appropriate strips (conceptual design of these will be provided) and the Licensee can provide the sensing biomolecules that provide the selectivity for the organism that is being tested.

The seller of the technology will stay involved with the licensee to ensure the success of the project.

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