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medical iconTech - 2008 - All Natural, FDA-approved, Homeopathic Wound Healing Product Company. The Company is looking for a strategic partner which can make this product a success in the marketplace. It is ideal for a pharmaceutical or medical products manufacturing or distribution company or an organization with medical product sales expertise. Applicable both to the Veterinary and Human Marketplace.

The product was initially developed in France, and the Company obtained rights to this product. It was rigorously tested in Canada and approved for sale there after clinical trials and then subsequently brought in over to the USA where it went through US FDA's regulatory process and the product was approved as a homeopathic OTC drug by US FDA.

Company's product is a natural multi-purpose wound spray perfect for burns, sunburns, insect bites, irritations, new tattoos, cuts and scrapes. In other words, it could replace many separate single-purpose products in a First-Aid box (such as Bacitracin, Neosporin, Solarcaine, Aloe Vera), thereby providing both, convenience and cost-savings. It would therefore be an ideal First-Aid product for home, work and play (boating, camping, fishing, boating, scuba-diving).

Recently it has also found new uses for laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. ...more us (with listing #)

medical_iconTech-18070 - Well-established, High-Quality Manufacturer of Hospital Furniture in an important South American Market. This 30-year old, ISO-9001 and 13485 accredited company, is a well-established manufacturer of stainless steel based hospital furniture (beds, stretchers,examination tables,trolleys, hemodialysis chairs, etc). The company manufactures its products as per GMP and sells its products in its own country and internationally. Offers a a buyer an excellent opportunity to penetrate this market.


ISO 9001/2000; ISO 13485/2004; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Main Products

» Adult bed
» Recovery/I.C.U Beds
» Infantile Beds
» Stretchers
» Examination Tables
» Sofa Beds
» Armchairs
» Hemodialysis Chair
» Bedside /Over Bed Tables
» Trolleys


» Buildings: 6,500 sq m
» Site: 13,000 sq m
» Employees: ~220
» Market share: 15%


Revenues: $12.4 million, EBITDA: $650K us (with listing #)

Tech 2520 - Licensing Opportunity for clinically tested herbal cream to treat dry, itchy and infected skin. This product was developed by a doctor with extensive experience in treating patients with eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy or infected skin.

The product has been used and sold in UK for past 20 years on thousands of patients and there is inventory available for face creams, baby creams and acne cream etc.

The company is looking for a strategic / licensing/marketing partner who can get these products manufactured and market them worldwide. Complete know-how on manufacturing this product is available and there is fair inventory of some of the products. ...more

Tech 2511 - A Medical Device Manufacturer with an Innovative Dry Mouth Product Looking for Licensing / Strategic Partner. This is the only device of its kind to address over US$6 billion in sales. Both, consumer and professional versions of the products are available and some models are approved for sale in Europe. The company is open to licensing / strategic partnership to outright sale.

Dry mouth, a condition affecting more than 80 million people in the high-income countries, is a chronic and mostly irreversible condition induced as a side effect by over 1,800 commonly used medications, radiation therapy for head & neck cancer, and by auto-immune diseases and other conditions. The world market for dry mouth is about USD 6 Billion. Dry mouth affects significantly the patient's quality of life and induces handicapped chewing, swallowing and speaking, bad breath, sleep disturbance, excessive tiredness, decreased enjoyment of life, and consistent negative effects on patient's day-to-day lives. Furthermore, the teeth are exposed to high decay rate.

The Company has addressed this problem by developing two products for the dentist's market, while a third direct-to-consumer product is in development. The principle behind it are low level electro-simulation for short periods of times (a few minutes a day) to oral tissues and at a level below what a patient can feel / sense it. The company's products are protected by five patents. ...more

Tech 2513 - Looking for Strategic / Licensing Partners: Client with Oral Fluid Diagnostic Platform Technologies. Short term revenues by developing Oral HIV test in which it has considerable experience. The Company has products in the marketplace.

Our client aims to take a leadership position in advancing access to medical care by becoming the leader in the field of oral fluid diagnostics and developing innovative diagnostic and monitoring tools enabling expansion of testing by healthcare providers. The company has expertise in extensible oral fluid platform technologies for both point-of-care and central laboratory settings. The initial focus will be to build on its early experience and success in developing and manufacturing an oral fluid HIV diagnostic test. The Company will then broaden its range of diagnostic products to replace classical blood-based testing and raise the standard of care by targeting the US and European diagnostic markets, the largest in the world. ... more

Tech 2515 - Licensing / Strategic Partnership Opportunity: Advanced Digital Pap Test. Two world renowned scientists (formerly with the NIH) have developed an advanced, patented pap test which makes reading and interpreting the results of these tests easy and nearly automated and results can be read and delivered within a few hours (instead of a few days) from central laboratories via telemedicine. Future versions of self-test / home test are also planned. The technology behind this new test is a novel biomarker that enhances the visibility of abnormal cancer cells. This test offers a number of advantages including higher accuracy and sensitivity while being significantly cheaper than tests of comparable performance!

Tech 2518 - Licensing / Strategic Partnership Opportunity: Granulocyte Infusion - Intriguing Possibility of Curing Cancer. We have an exciting collaboration / licensing opportunity for potential treatment (or possibly a cure) for cancer. This invention had 100% success in studies in mice, very promising results in pre-clinical, in vitro human studies. If this can be translated in human therapy, then the treatment or cure for many cancers will be not that far off in the future.

The next major leap would be to see whether this would work in humans. If it does, and preliminary indications look promising, this would be the biggest breakthrough in cancer treatment and / or cure. More importantly, this breakthrough will not take decades, but could happen fairly quickly as it involves granulocyte infusion via apheresis from cancer-resistant people to those afflicted with cancer. Granulocyte infusion via apheresis process is a safe, well-proven, and US FDA approved procedure for treatment of chemotherapy-related nutropenia and other infections. ...more

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