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Biomedical Opportunities

Tech-9092:Advanced Bio-Marker Based Digital Pap Test Incorporating Self-sampling and Telemedicine
Tech-9011: Manufacturer of Innovative Medical Products for Orthopedic and Pressure Ulcers Seeking a Strategic Partner or a Buyer
Tech-9002: Medical Device Company with Unique Products for Orthopedic Market
Tech-2511: A Medical Device Manufacturer with an Innovative Dry Mouth Product Looking for Acquisition/Strategic Partner
Tech-9093: Saliva-based Testing Devices Manufacturer with Patented Products and Technologies
Tech-2288: Profitable, Very Reputable Specialty Pharmaceutical Research Instrument Sales and Service Company in South Atlantic US

medical_iconTech-9092:Advanced Bio-Marker Based Digital Pap Test Incorporating Self-sampling and Telemedicine. This Company offers an enhanced, patented versions of the Pap test that creates distinct red stains of cancerous and pre-cancerous cells whereas normal cells are blue. Therefore, reading and interpreting these tests very quick and easy. This patented Bio-marker test can be simply substituted in place of the conventional test. In addition, positives can be sent to a lab via telemedicine using a smart phone. it also offers self-sampling option. This test is ideal for the developing countries including India, where 70,000 lives are lost and over 300 million women are at risk. ...more us (with listing ID)

medical_icon Tech-9002: Medical Device Company with Unique Products for Orthopedic Market. The Company has a unique series of instruments that significantly improve on current products being used by orthopedic surgeons. Company's products reduce the risks in surgery and make these devices much more affordable and accessible, particularly for outpatient surgery centers and for those in developing countries. Overall, the Company addresses a $1 billion worldwide market and is the only Company with such products in the US. The Company has commercialized its products over the last year and they have been well received. The products are FDA-approved, have a CE mark, and the company has ISO accreditation. Next generation products are in the pipeline.

The Company wants to aggressively reach the US and Global market and is seeking a larger, strategic partner which can help accelerate the growth of the company. Ideally, the partner would invest in the growth of the organization and bring access to the market through its marketing network or contacts. us (with listing ID)

medical_iconTech-9011: Manufacturer of Innovative Medical Products for Orthopedic and Pressure Ulcers Seeking a Strategic Partner or a Buyer. The Company's products are targeted for Bed Sore/Pressure Ulcer, and orthopedic patients patients in nursing homes, hospitals, long term acute care, rehabilitation facilities, and in home care. Most patients are fragile, high-risk patients including elderly, diabetic, and vascular patients. The company is dedicated to innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for a multitude of health conditions, from heel pressure ulcers, to ankle sprains. The Company's products include a suspension boot that has long represented the gold standard in heel offloading. New Improved version adds a soft, smooth exterior that helps the boots to glide easily across sheets while a forefoot strap also aids in keeping the patient’s foot in the proper position. Another product has brought innovation to the application of skin traction for the purpose of stabilizing femur fractures. Post surgery, the traction device can be converted to a suspension boot. The company also has another product which is the first ankle foot orthosis that can also relieve heel pressure. It offers all of the benefits of graduated compression hose together with a “window” that relieves pressure and also allows palpation of the heel. In addition to these cutting edge heel pressure ulcer prevention products, the company also offers suspension pad which helps reduce pressure and friction at the elbow. Also available are diverse rehabilitation products and casting products. All products are manufactured with the best interests of caregivers and patients in mind. The Company's revenues exceed $3 million. us (with listing ID)

medical_iconTech-2511 - A Medical Device Manufacturer with an Innovative Dry Mouth Product - Acquisition/Strategic Partneship. This is the only device of its kind to address the dry mouth problem for which US$6 billion are spent annually. Both, consumer and professional versions of the products are available and approved for sale in Europe (CE), in Australia (TGA), and professional version in USA, and China (CFDA). The company is open to licensing / strategic Partnership to outright sale. ... more us (with listing ID Tech-2511)

medical_iconTech-9093- Saliva-based Testing Devices Manufacturer with Patented Products and Technologies. This 15-year old, global company is a leading company in the emerging field of non-invasive saliva based testing. It was founded to address the need for rapid testing, sample collection, and molecular diagnostics (DNA, RNA and proteins) in the life sciences area. The company continues to meet the need for more effective screening tools utilizing non-invasive test specimens, particularly oral fluids, which may be applied to the early detection of a wide range of diseases and medical disorders. The company has important licenses to salivary technologies for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and sleep disorders, allowing for the future development of rapid, non-invasive tests for these debilitating diseases / disorders.

Products include a wide range of innovative saliva / oral fluid collection devices, and breakthrough point-of-care test platform device. This device has been used for developing test for stress by measuring cortisol levels in saliva in real time. This device may be applied to the development of multiple diseases or multiple biomarkers in 20 minutes, eliminating the pain associated with a blood draw. The company’s range of collection and future diagnostic tools are covered by a portfolio of 16 issued US, EU and International patents with a further 10 or more in the application phase.

The Company has successfully received grant funding in the past from both the National Institutes of Health and the Michael J Fox Foundation, among others.

The company is looking for a strategic buyer / partner. Revenues: US $2.14 million (2016), Projected Revenues: $3.3 million (2017); $7.5 million (2018); $11.3 million (2019) us (with listing ID Tech-9093)

medical_iconTech-2288: Profitable, Very Reputable Specialty Pharmaceutical Research Instrument Sales and Service Company in South Atlantic US. This is a unique opportunity of a niche business focused on pharmaceutical research market and is now experiencing rapid growth and good profits. The business is based on Fluorescence-based research instrument that the company supplies and provides service for. The Company has been operational for past 10 years and the customers admire the Company for its passion, honesty, integrity and innovations that it has brought into the marketplace. The Company offer international client base, growing sales, and excellent growth opportunity. It has three patents on its product innovations. Gross Revenue: $1.46 million (2016 projection); EBITDA: $436K (2016 projected); inventory: about $2.2 million. ...more us (with listing ID)

Pharmaceutical Opportunities

medical_iconTech 2518 - Licensing / Strategic Partnership Opportunity: Granulocyte Infusion - Intriguing Possibility of Curing Cancer. We have an exciting collaboration / licensing opportunity for potential treatment (or possibly a cure) for cancer. This invention had 100% success in studies in mice, very promising results in pre-clinical, in vitro human studies. If this can be translated in human therapy, then the treatment or cure for many cancers will be not that far off in the future. ... more us (with listing ID)

Searching for Pharma Manufacturers: We have multiple buyers looking currently for pharma manufacturing companies in North America and Europe. Ideally, looking for revenues between $5 million plus, but they may also consider smaller companies. Buyers include pharmaceutical companies from around the world. us

Pharmaceutical / Lab / Medical Real Estate

Contact us for your real estate needs related to pharma research / manufacturing spaces and medical clinics. Although we hold real estate license in NJ, we can help you in many other states in the US through our network of real estate professionals.

Licensing / Strategic Partnerships


icon_handshakeTech 2513 - Looking for Strategic / Licensing Partners: Client with Oral Fluid / Non-blood Diagnostic Platform Technologies. The Company specializes in rapid, inexpensive tests including its own HIV tests ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech - 2008 - All Natural, FDA-approved, Homeopathic Wound Healing Product Company. The Company is looking for a strategic partner which can make this product a success in the marketplace. It is ideal for a pharmaceutical or medical products manufacturing or distribution company or an organization with medical product sales expertise. Applicable both to the Veterinary and Human Marketplace. ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech 2529 - An Effective, Commercial, Polybacterial Immunostimmulant Drug for Bacterial and Viral Respiratory Infections Including SARS, Bird Flu, Bronchitis / Bronchial Asthma. This drug belongs to a relatively new category of products - biologically active substances - so called polybacterial immunostimulants. This offers a base for active and successful development and implementation in the clinical practice of a nonspecific immunotherapy and a nonspecific immunoprevention of bacterial and viral respiratory diseases, including SARS and Bird flu, by stimulating the main factors of the immune system. It is sold commercially in several countries. ...more ... contact us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech 2520 - Licensing Opportunity for clinically tested herbal cream to treat dry, itchy and infected skin. This product was developed by a doctor with extensive experience in treating patients with eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy or infected skin. ... more us (with listing ID)

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