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Our goal is to bring attractive acquisition and partnership or collaboration opportunities in Medical Marketplace. We are business intermediaries specialized in niche industries and have extensive working experience in biomedical and healthcare industries.

This marketplace covers biomedical / healthcare companies as well as pharmaceutical companies.

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Biomedical Opportunities

medical_iconTech-2288: Profitable, Very Reputable Specialty Pharmaceutical Research Instrument Sales and Service Company in South Atlantic US. This is a unique opportunity of a niche business focused on pharmaceutical research market and is now experiencing rapid growth and good profits. The business is based on Fluorescence-based research instrument that the company supplies and provides service for. The Company has been operational for past 10 years and the customers admire the Company for its passion, honesty, integrity and innovations that it has brought into the marketplace. The Company offer international client base, growing sales, and excellent growth opportunity. It has three patents on its product innovations. Gross Revenue: $1.16 million (2015 proj); EBITDA: $461K (2015 proj); inventory: $1.1 million. ...more us (with listing ID)

medical_iconTech-2511 - A Medical Device Manufacturer with an Innovative Dry Mouth Product Looking for Licensing / Strategic Partner. This is the only device of its kind to address the dry mouth problem for which US$6 billion are spent annually. Both, consumer and professional versions of the products are available and some models are approved for sale in Europe. The company is open to licensing / strategic Partnership to outright sale. ... more us (with listing ID)

medical_iconTech-18070 - Well-established, High-Quality Manufacturer of Hospital Furniture in an important South American Market. This 30-year old, ISO-9001 and 13485 accredited company, is a well-established manufacturer of stainless steel based hospital furniture (beds, stretchers,examination tables,trolleys, hemodialysis chairs, etc). The company manufactures its products as per GMP and sells its products in its own country and internationally. Offers a a buyer an excellent opportunity to penetrate this market. Gross Revenue: $12.4 million; EBITDA: $650K ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_moneybag For opportunities to acquire MRI / Imaging centers, please visit our sister site, and for medical and research labs, please visit

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Pharmaceutical Opportunities

Searching for Pharma Manufacturers: We have multiple buyers looking currently for pharma manufacturing companies in North America and Europe. Ideally, looking for revenues between $5 million plus, but they may also consider smaller companies. Buyers include pharmaceutical companies from around the world. us

Pharmaceutical / Lab / Medical Real Estate

Contact us for your real estate needs related to pharma research / manufacturing spaces and medical clinics. Although we hold real estate license in NJ, we can help you in many other states in the US through our network of real estate professionals.

Examples of real estate opportunities:

- Very modern research and lab spaces from 1,000 to 30,000 sq feet for lease in Central NJ

- 13,000 sq feet of FDA-licensed manufacturing, research, warehouse facility with product licenses for lease in Central NJ

- 130,000 sq feet pharma manufacturing facility in Central NJ

- 330,000 sq foot of pharma manufacturing facility in NJ

- Medical condos, imaging center facilities in New Jersey, Chicago, North Carolina, PA

- Medical Clinic with business, ideal for dialysis access care or urgent care center near St. Louis

... contact us with your real estate needs and we will try to find facilities that could work for you.

Licensing / Strategic Partnerships

icon_moneybagTech 2518 - Licensing / Strategic Partnership Opportunity: Granulocyte Infusion - Intriguing Possibility of Curing Cancer. We have an exciting collaboration / licensing opportunity for potential treatment (or possibly a cure) for cancer. This invention had 100% success in studies in mice, very promising results in pre-clinical, in vitro human studies. If this can be translated in human therapy, then the treatment or cure for many cancers will be not that far off in the future. ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech 2513 - Looking for Strategic / Licensing Partners: Client with Oral Fluid / Non-blood Diagnostic Platform Technologies. The Company specializes in rapid, inexpensive tests including its own HIV tests ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech - 2008 - All Natural, FDA-approved, Homeopathic Wound Healing Product Company. The Company is looking for a strategic partner which can make this product a success in the marketplace. It is ideal for a pharmaceutical or medical products manufacturing or distribution company or an organization with medical product sales expertise. Applicable both to the Veterinary and Human Marketplace. ... more us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech 2529 - An Effective, Commercial, Polybacterial Immunostimmulant Drug for Bacterial and Viral Respiratory Infections Including SARS, Bird Flu, Bronchitis / Bronchial Asthma. This drug belongs to a relatively new category of products - biologically active substances - so called polybacterial immunostimulants. This offers a base for active and successful development and implementation in the clinical practice of a nonspecific immunotherapy and a nonspecific immunoprevention of bacterial and viral respiratory diseases, including SARS and Bird flu, by stimulating the main factors of the immune system. It is sold commercially in several countries. ...more ... contact us (with listing ID)

icon_handshakeTech 2520 - Licensing Opportunity for clinically tested herbal cream to treat dry, itchy and infected skin. This product was developed by a doctor with extensive experience in treating patients with eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy or infected skin. ... more us (with listing ID)

Wanting To Buy

icon_moneybag Tech Buy- We have multiple buyers looking currently for pharma manufacturing companies in North America and Europe. Ideally, looking for revenues between $5 million plus, but they may also consider smaller companies. Buyers include pharmaceutical companies from around the world. us

icon_moneybag Tech Buy - We have a strong aggressive buyer looking for companies DME, ventilation, wound care, medical supplies, and ambulette industries. Our ideal acquisition target has between $4M and $20M in revenue. us.

icon_moneybag Tech Buy - We have a number of Private Equity Groups and businesses looking to buy medical manufacturing manufacturing devices / disposables. us.

icon_arrow Tech Buy- We have a number of companies looking for wound dressing products. us

icon_arrow Tech Buy-A large Medical Device Company is looking for innovative spinal implant products company. us

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